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The preferred field orientation is substantially parallel to the central axis of the wire and most generally about as long as the wire itself, although it need exhibit the desired values only across the area of the wire. This leads to an airgap design that tends to be small in area but with a long gap length. This design consideration is contrary to virtually all previous commercial magnetic circuit design. There are three commercially available magnetic materials which will most usually be considered for the design of the actuating magnetic circuit: ferrite, alnico, and rare earth cobalt.

Magnetic Field Materials In many applications, the Wiegand effect is employed to create single or multiple voltage pulses in response to relative motion available between Wiegand wires and permanent magnet elements to provide the necessary external field configuration. Several materials are available to provide the actuating magnetic fields, and the materials considerations here involve not only the properties of these magnetic materials but also the field configuration requirements of the Wiegand wire.

He zirconiaoxygen sensor is a galvanic device which generates an electrical output voltage as a function of engine air-fuel ratio. The sensor voltage signal is used in vehicle systems for feedback control of engine air-fuel ratio precisely at the stoichiometric ratio. *** The sensor consists essentially of a stabilized Zr02 solid electrolyte and two platinum electrodes. 3,4 As a first approximation, sensor voltage is determined by thermodynamic equilibrium relationships for reversible transfer of oxygen between sensor electrodes.

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