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IV. Actinostola crassicornis (Hertwig, 1882) mit einer Diskussion verwandter Arten. Veroff. Inst. Meeres. Bremerhaven, 17:65-85. 1978b. Tiefsee-Aktinien der Familie Actinoscyphiidae aus dem Nordatlantik (Actiniaria, Mesomyaria). Zool. Scripta, 7_:145-153. 1980. Actiniaria des Siidwes tatlantik V. Bolocera, Isotealia, Isosicyonis (Actiniidae). Mitt. Hamb. Zool. Mus. , 7 7 _ " Robson, E. A. 1966. Swimming in Actiniaria. W. J. ), In The Cnidaria and Their Evolution. 333-360. Academic, New York. Rowe, G.

Ascothorax gigas Wagin, males. A-H, older males; A, lateral view, anterior end right; B, lateral view, carapace removed; C, antennule, articles numbered with mus­ culature; D, oral cone, posterolateral view; E, first thoracopod with filamentary ap­ pendage; F, fourth thoracopod; G, sixth thoracopod; H, furcal ramus. I-N, young males; I-K, lateral, dorsal, and ventral views, respectively; L, main body, carapace removed, some thoracic and abdominal segments numbered; M, distal part of antennule with mus­ culature, articles numbered; N, second thoracopod.

795; 1949, p. —Grebelny, 1975, p. 9. Cymbactis frigida: Pax, 1922, p. 80; 1926, p. 4, 5, 32, 51, 61. Description Body form and size. Column of some ex­ panded specimens cylindrical, of others nar­ rowing distally. Most bluntly pyramidal to bell-shaped or domed with tentacles mostly to completely introverted (Figure 29). Length 15-50 mm, mostly 30-40 mm; pedal disc diameter typically somewhat less than length; oral end usually narrower than basal. Column ectoderm mostly to completely sloughed in specimens examined; remnants of thin, pinkish-brown or reddish-brown ectoderm most common in creases near proximal end.

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