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BLINK LEDS. t20 CNTHI CNTLO CNTLO PORTlB PORTlB tlO DELAY CNTHI BLOOP ;SHORT DELAY. ;LOOP IF NOT DONE. I ;suBROUTINE 'DELAY' ; CONTENTS OF REG. 6: Translate Program (Continued) 51 ADVANCED 6502 PROGRAMMING and player 2 can play: JSR PLAY The time elapsed for player 2 is then compared to the time elapsed for player 1. If player 2 wins, a branch occurs to PLR2. If player 1 wins, a branch occurs to PLRl. The high bytes are compared first. If they are equal, the low bytes are compared in turn: EQUAL LOA CNTHI CMP CNTlH BEQ EQUAL BCC PLR2 BCS PLRl LOA CNTLO CMP CNTlL BCC PLR2 CMPCNTlL BCCPLR2 BCSPLRl Compare high bytes Player 2 has lower time?

Remember that LED #10 must always be lit (it is the "proceed" LED). LED #11 must always be off. LEDs 12, 13, 14, and 15 are used to display the binary number. Remember also that bit position 6 of Port 1B is not used. As a result, displaying a "O" will be accomplished by outputting the pattern 43 ADVANCED 6502 PROGRAMMING START LIGHT LEDs TO SHOW PLAYER 2 WINS ROUND SHOW THAT IT IS PLAYER 2's TURN END Fig. " Outputting "3" will be accomplished with the pattern "10100010," etc. 5) The complete patterns corresponding to all sixteen possibilities are stored in the NUMTAB table of the program.

Play the tune on keys "O" through "D" (using the notes and the rest features). Up to 254 notes may be played and stored in the memory. At any point, the playback key ("E") may be pressed and the notes and rests that were just played on the keyboard (and simultaneously stored in the memory) will be reproduced. 2. THE CONNECTIONS This game uses the keyboard plus the speaker. The speaker is connected in series to one of the buffered output lines of PORT B of VIA #3, via a 1f 0-ohm current limiting resistor.

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