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By D.R. UHLMANN and N.J. KREIDL (Eds.)

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Although a CRN interpretation cannot be ruled out, 30 G. N. GREAVES this combination of strained bonds and reasonably well defined oxygen bond angles is strongly indicative of a distorted molecular structure. In the CRN picture, which so well describes a-Si0 2 and a-Ge0 2 , loss of long-range order is primarily componded from oxygen bond-angle disorder. In a-As 2 0 3 , longrange disorder would appear to stem principally from variations in the As-O bond length. The P K-edge has been recorded for a series of iron-lead phosphate glasses by the present author and coworkers.

However, there are considerable differences in the EXAFS Debye-Waller factors associated with the first two shells in amorphous and crystalline G e 0 2 . In particular, the mean square variation in bond length in the glass is far less than in the crystal and only changes slightly with temperature (Wong and Lytle, 1980). , 1983), leaving the Ge-Ge shell in the glass much diminished compared to the crystal (Fig. 8). These important observations point to the tetrahedral G e 0 2 unit being far more rigid in aG e 0 2 than in the crystal, but less rigidly connected.

With this variety of local structure, it is not unreasonable to presume that for most compositions the glass structure will include some traces of each type of environment. Accordingly, for GeS 2 , for instance, while the dominant coordination geometry will be 4:2 and the majority of bonds heteropolar, a small fraction of threefoldcoordinated atoms and some S-S linkages are to be expected—particularly in unannealed material. Furthermore, it will be the primary and secondary bonds associated with these chemically disordered configurations that will be most vulnerable to change when UV light is absorbed.

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