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Fig. 1-22 Results of the engine process simulation – heat balance, loss analysis: simulation of heat balances and analyses of losses to assess engines (development potential, optimization, cooling system design) – design of exhaust gas turbocharging groups: simulation of the energy supply available for supercharging (exhaust gas mass flow and temperature) and the boost pressure requirement and air flow rate [1-57] – optimization of valve lift and valve gear timing: simulation of the gas exchange with the goal of low gas exchange losses and large volumetric efficiencies – temperature field simulation: simulation of engines’ heat balance and thermal load (input variables for simulating the temperature fields in the cylinder, cylinder liner, piston and valves) (see Sect.

Mollenhauer and K. Schreiner More recently, quasidimensional models have been developed in which variables that are a function of position and time factor in local phenomena. Examples include flow cycle, combustion and heat transfer models [1-27]. Figure 1-21 presents a model of an exhaust gas turbocharged six cylinder diesel engine simulated with the Boost program as an example [1-53]. It incorporates all the significant components attached to the engine, beginning with the air filter to the exhaust gas turbocharger up through the catalytic converter and exhaust muffler.

2-2 Influence of valve overlap Á’ on residual exhaust gas scavenging Without any valve overlap, the case presented schematically in Fig. 2-2a would occur. If the exhaust valve were closed in TDC, the compression volume Vc would still be filled with exhaust, which would appear in the subsequent combustion cycle as residual exhaust gas. Close to top dead center, the piston moves with very low velocity. Thus, it is practically unable to exert any expulsion or intake effect on the working fluid during this phase.

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