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The bible for the AMTs and airplane proprietors alike, this reference outlines criteria for applicable equipment, concepts, and practices for the inspection, fix, and alteration of airplane. this can be Advisory round 43.13-1B/2A.

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Longitudinal cracks may also be detected during this inspection. Loose or missing rib nails may indicate further damage and should be thoroughly investigated. 13-1B subjected to the compression load. An area of grain waviness would indicate a potential compression failure. In all cases the manufacturer’s inspection data should be followed. g. Moisture Meters are effective tools for detection of excessive moisture content in wood members. An instrument such as this allows the mechanic to insert a probe into the wood member and read its moisture content directly off the meter.

Appropriate skin, eye, ear, and respiratory protection should be worn whenever indicated. b. Shop cleanliness is essential for health and fire safety. c. Shop personnel should maintain awareness of others in the work area to assure that bystanders are not injured. d. Proper shop ventilation is essential to disperse fumes emitted from adhesives such as resorcinol and epoxy.  1-26. 13-1B SECTION 3. INSPECTION 1-27. GENERAL. Inspection of wooden structure includes some methods, equipment, and awareness of failure modes which are unique to wooden aircraft.

F. Visual inspection requires looking at the wood structure both externally and internally for visual signs of decay or physical damage. Any accumulations of dirt, bird nests, or rodent nests are likely places to hold moisture and promote decay. (1) The mechanic should remove any such accumulations that are found and inspect the area for signs of decay. Decay will appear as a dark discoloration or gray stains running along the grain and often a swelling of the wood member if still wet. Fittings will be imbedded in the wood instead of flush.

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