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5. Ground-based optical systems are strongly limited in their availability due to night-time observation constraints, the exclusion of nights with bright Moon light, and adverse meteorological conditions. These limitations do not play a role in the case of ground-based radar observations at frequencies within the radio window of the Earth atmosphere. That part of this window which is useful for debris observations extends across wavelengths of approximately 1 cm ≤ λ ≤ 100 cm (see Fig. 24). 03 GHz.

1999) and IADC). Capabilities of space surveillance networks (SSN and SSS) are not included in the list. Country Organization Detector type D [m] FoV [◦ ] λ [◦ ] φ [◦ ] Lim. magnitude [−] Operational status Europe ESA CCD CNRS/CNES CCD CNRS/CNES CCD JSP/NAL/NASDA CCD JSP/NAL/NASDA CCD Sendai CCD CRL CCD RSA CCD RSA CCD Univ. of Berne CCD RGO/MOD CCD NASA CCD NASA CCD USNO CCD Univ. 5 in development France France Japan Japan Japan Japan Russia Russia Switzerland UK USA USA USA USA USA USA USA Sect.

2 Fig. 22. The ESA Space Debris Telescope at the Teide Observatory on Tenerife. where P = At F , with the solar irradiance F at one astronomical unit. A = π D 2 /4 is the light collecting area of a telescope of aperture diameter D, t,in and t,out are the incident angles of the incoming and outgoing photons, Φ = t,in + 2 t,out is the solar phase angle, and ρt is the range from the telescope to the target. Hence, the received power, and the corresponding sensitivity of the telescope decreases with 1/ρ2t due to a spread of the re-emitted power over a certain solid angle 0 < ψ ≤ 4π, which translates into a spherical surface area of ψ ρ2t at the range ρt .

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