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G. 20). 0  DMZ subnet ciscoasa(config-network-object)# nat (DMZ , outside) static mapped_static_range 40 Enjoy Scenario 3: Static Port Address Translation (Port Redirection) A pretty common scenario is the one shown on the diagram above. 1) but we have two (or more) servers that we need to provide public access for. We know that our Web Server listens to port 80 and our email Server listens to port 25. 2 port 25. 255 41 Enjoy Another popular case is to do port redirection using the outside interface.

This means that an administrator can configure multiple Logical interfaces (subinterfaces) on a single physical interface and assign each logical interface to a specific VLAN. For example, a Cisco firewall appliance with 4 physical interfaces is not limited to having only 4 security zones. We can create for example 3 logical subinterfaces on each physical interface, which will give us 12 (4x3) different security zones (12 VLANs and 12 Layer 3 subnets). Depending on the ASA model, up to 1024 maximum VLANs can be configured on a single appliance (the ASA 5585-X supports 1024 VLANS).

Static NAT maps permanently a host address to a fixed global (outside) address. g our company’s email or web server) that must always appear with a fixed public IP address on the Outside interface of the firewall. g our Web or email server).  We want to use Port Redirection (more on this later). 3 The command format of Static NAT is: ciscoasa(config)# static (real_interface_name , mapped_interface_name) “mapped_IP” “real_IP” netmask “subnet_mask” To configure static NAT we need to know the following parameters: 1.

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