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By Harold Ellis

ISBN-10: 1405106638

ISBN-13: 9781405106634

This e-book has been written to aid applicants sitting their expert exam in anaesthesia so they can have at their disposal the exact anatomical wisdom worthwhile for the daily perform of anaesthesia. in contrast to a textbook of anatomy, which needs to conceal all components of the physique with both exhaustive thoroughness, this e-book concentrates really on components of detailed relevance to anaesthesia and issues out positive factors of functional value to anaesthetic approach. The textual content is split into 9 sections; the breathing pathway, the center, the vertebral canal, the peripheral nerves; The Autonomic frightened method; The Cranial Nerves; The Orbit and its contents; The Anatomy of discomfort and Zones of Anaesthetic curiosity.

The 8th variation has totally multiplied and up to date textual content; and contains new and enhanced illustrations.

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Epiglottis Aryepiglottic muscle Oblique and transverse components of interarytenoid muscle Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle Tendon of origin of longitudinal fibres of the oesophagus Fig. 26 The intrinsic muscles of the larynx. 33 34 The Respiratory Pathway Int. laryngeal N. (pulled forward) Aryepiglottic muscle Oblique and transverse interarytenoid Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle Thyroepiglottic muscle Thyroarytenoid muscle Lateral cricoarytenoid muscle Recurrent laryngeal N. Fig. 27 The intrinsic muscles of the larynx, lateral view.

Unilateral paralysis produces a slight hoarseness which usually disappears as a result of compensatory over-adduction of the opposite normal cord. However, bilateral paralysis results in complete loss of vocal power. Moreover, the two paralysed cords flap together, producing a valve-like obstruction, especially during inspiration, with incapacitating dyspnoea and marked inspiratory stridor. Respiratory obstruction after thyroidectomy can also result from direct trauma to the tracheal cartilages (especially in carcinoma of the thyroid) causing tracheomalacia.

23 24 The Respiratory Pathway The larynx is elevated and pulled forward by the action of the thyrohyoid, stylohyoid, stylopharyngeus, digastric and mylohyoid muscles so that it comes into apposition with the base of the tongue, which is projecting backwards at this phase. While the larynx is raised and its entrance closed, there is reflex inhibition of respiration. As the head of a bolus of food reaches the epiglottis, it is first tipped backward against the pharyngeal wall and momentarily holds up the onward passage of the food.

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